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People who play online casinos need to be provided good payment service, through which money can be transferred into their account in the quickest way. The 1-pay casinos are one of the quickest money transfer method that can transfer your money in the safest and secured way. This Netteler E- Wallet account can help you receive your money from the online casinos within the shortest possible time. To be more specific, the 1-pay casinos are targeted for the consumers in the Asian market who wants to make their payments and deposits when they play online casinos.

You can also get speedy access to your account and retrieve information easily through the twenty four hours available customer service. Anytime, you use the 1-pay casinos you simply have to write in your identification name or number and mention the amount of money you are going to receive or deposit. You can start depositing money in your 1-pay casinos account to start playing online casinos and if you win there, the winning amount will be transferred into your account, since you have already linked your account. Your private information will not be provided anywhere, which will help to ensure your privacy and also prevent fraud activities.

If wish to transfer your money in the shortest time, all you have to do is open an account in the Netteler and then open 1 Pay e-wallet account in there which is free. It is easy to use from the beginning because you login from the website and see all the 1-pay casinos transfer details. Moreover, they do not charge any extra fees for transaction of money which is quite beneficial for many people who needs speedy transaction for transferring money when they are playing online casinos. People from the United States are unable to transfer money through the 1-pay casinos as they cannot open an account due to the residential restriction.

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